Florian Busch Architects フロリアンブッシュ建築設計事務所

27 September 2011
Workshop at Yonesaki Elementary School

Together with Korean performers noridan, FBA held a workshop with 5th-graders of Yonesaki Elementary School in Iwate Prefecture’s Yonesaki, a small town near Rikuzentakata. The area was heavily destroyed by the Tsunami in March.


Working with over 30 fascinated 5th-graders, the workshop focused on noise’s and music’s omnipresence, on how our everyday environments are filled with acoustic discoveries.


Turning empty plastic bottles into seamlessly tuneable instruments, we spent 3 hours of writing and making music.


The over 70 happun (bottles-turned-instruments) were later shipped to Tokyo, where they formed the core part of an installation during Tokyo Designers Week 2011.