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9 January 2018
K House Diagram selected one of Best Architecture Drawings of 2017

Architecture Newssite Archdaily selected FBA’s structural diagram for K House in Niseko as one of the Best Architecture Drawings of 2017

28 September 2017
FBA goes instagram

Spanning between observation and documentation, the spontaneous and the planned, FBA’s instagram account is an elastic archive giving a wider insight in FBA’s work.
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Project of the Year Award

28 September 2017
FBA’s Science Island Kaunas project awarded Museum Design Project of the Year.

FBA’s proposed museum for the new Science Island in Kaunas was awarded International Museum Design Project of the Year 2017 by British magazine BUILD.

23 June 2017
2020: An Olympic Odyssey

News from the future:
“In July of 2020, the New National Stadium, a ship, anchored under Odaiba’s Rainbow Bridge”.

東京浮競技場 – Tokyo’s Floating Stadium


27 January 2017
K House in Niseko completed

The K House in Niseko was recently handed over.



Lecture at “Japanese Junction”

20 December 2016
Lecture at “Japanese Junction”

Resilience. Lecture at the symposium “Japanese Junction”, Tokyo, 18 December 2016

Lecture at Städelschule

18 November 2016
Lecture at Städelschule

Other Places. Lecture at Städelschule, Frankfurt, 14 November 2016.

Lecture at FH Potsdam

17 November 2016
Lecture at FH Potsdam

Andere Orte. Lecture at Fachhochschule Potsdam, 10 November 2016.

26 September 2016
K8 awarded 2016 Detail inside prize

The 2016 DETAIL inside prize was recently awarded to FBA’s K8 building in Kyoto.

4 December 2015
FBA 展 exhibition
はてしない Anatomy of Space

FBA 展 – exhibition in Kyoto
2015.12.16 – 12.23
11:00 – 20:00

K8 in Kyoto nearing completion

3 December 2015
K8 in Kyoto nearing completion

The K8 building in Kyoto’s Kawaramachi area is scheduled to complete later this year.




Lecture at Meiji University

20 June 2015
Lecture at Meiji University

Lecture at Meiji University. Title: Nothing hurts.

Lecture at Tokyo University

20 March 2015
Lecture at Tokyo University

Lecture at Tokyo University. Title: Continuity and Difference

30 January 2015
R4 in Roppongi completed.

The office building R4 was completed in Roppongi, Tokyo.



2 June 2014
Groundbreaking R4

Ground was broken for the R4 project.

R4 プロジェクトは着工しました。竣工予定は2015年上旬。

BS ASAHI TV 環境の暮らし

14 January 2014
BS ASAHI TV 環境の暮らし

BS 朝日「エコの作法」「環境の暮らし」

「伝える×秘境の暮らし 信州・遠山郷」

FBA's Picture Book Chronology online now

15 September 2013
Picture Book Chronology

FBA have started a new online chronology showing photographs and other material in a stream linked with social networking site tumblr. Follow here.

4 July 2013
L House Handed Over

With the snow melted away, the L-House in Niseko presented itself in green for official handover.

International Students Conference

16 February 2013
International Students Conference

In a keynote speech at Ritsumeikan’s International Student Conference themed “Creativity” in Kyoto, Florian talked about the intertwined worlds of curiosity and perseverance, intuition and uncertainty, Sherlock Holmes and Borges.


Lecture at the EPF Lausanne

19 November 2012
Lecture at EPFL

As part of the Archizoom series of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Florian gave a lecture on Tokyo’s impermanence…

17 October 2012
L House in Hirafu under Construction

Construction of the L House in Niseko’s Hirafu is under way.


13 October 2012
Prototype for Suburbia Completed


The first Prototype for Suburbia has been completed.

2 October 2012
FBA design showcased at Fraunhofer CBP opening

Co-developed with c3house technologies and the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials, FBA designed natural fibre composite prototype was shown at the opening of Fraunhofer Institute’s Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes.

16 June 2012
Zucca Restaurant opened


FBA-designed Zucca, an Italian restaurant in Shibuya, has opened its doors.



12 June 2012
Topping out of the ‘Prototype for Suburbia 1’


Construction of the first case study of the Prototypes for Suburbia  project is under way. Completion scheduled for autumn of 2012.



30 April 2012
‘A’ House in Kisami completed


The ‘A’ House at the Ocean in Kisami has been completed.


20 December 2011
House in Takadanobaba Completed


The folded House in Takadanobaba has just been completed.

14 December 2011
Topping out of the ‘A’ House in Kisami

吉佐美のA邸が上棟。完成予定2012年の春. Topping out of the A House in Kisami was celebrated in December. Completion expected for spring 2012.

Designers Week
Record 91,239 visitors

1 December 2011
Unprecedented Success: Tokyo Designers Week 2011

Hailed as “a revolutionary exhibition”, FBA’s show design attracted an unprecedented 91,239 visitors.

2 November 2011
MUSIC & SPACE – Workshop at Tokyo Designers Week

Following last September’s workshop with pupils held in Tohoku by FBA in collaboration with noridan, “Music & Space” will be held at Tokyo Designers Week on 5 Nov 2011. For details, check www.tdwa.com.


1 November 2011
Tokyo Designers Week 2011 Opening

The event is now open and lasts until 6 November. Details at www.tdwa.com

Yonesaki, Iwate

27 September 2011
Workshop at Yonesaki Elementary School

Together with Korean performers noridan, FBA held a workshop with 5th-graders of Yonesaki Elementary School in Iwate Prefecture’s Yonesaki.

BS Asahi TV


9 September 2011
BS Asahi TV 繋ぐ×屋根

For a BS-Asahi TV special programme, Florian featured as guest moderator discussing the history and meaning of roofs in Japanese architecture.


2011年9月9日・23日放送 「繋ぐ×屋根」

7 September 2011
Folded House in Takadanobaba Topping Out




AA Symposium
at Takenaka Tokyo

13 September 2010
AA-Takenaka Symposium

As invited guest speaker at a symposium organised by the AA at Takenaka’s headquarters in Tokyo, Florian talked about strategies in architectural education.