Florian Busch Architects フロリアンブッシュ建築設計事務所

The Rings of Dubai


The competition brief called for a tall landmark in the heart of Dubai. The response could not be another singular tower. Instead, a structure framing the many towers already defining Dubai’s skyline.


The programme is a very reduced addition to Zabeel Park surrounding it: Café and viewing platform at the top, children’s library and conference room at ground level.


While the structure’s sheer scale suggests strength and power, it is not preconceived form but result of a process in which the rings gradually find an interdependent balance.


A structure that is in balance and yet full of motion, the Rings of Dubai represent Dubai’s ever-evolving dynamism in the 21st century.




Dubai, UAE

Cultural, 文化施設

Competition, コンペティション

Project Team:

Florian Busch, Takayuki Miyoshi, John Doyle
Structural Engineering: Cecil Balmond, Daniel Bosia (AGU Ove Arup & Partners, London)
Vertical Engineering: Peter Tomlinson (Ove Arup & Partners, Australia)

Ring Diameter 150m
直径 約150m