Florian Busch Architects フロリアンブッシュ建築設計事務所


Excerpt from book:

Regreen is a curious interaction with nature. Not unlike the seeds which carry all the information necessary to grow into a continuous variation of trees depending on the environment they grow up in, we propose architecture based on only a few rules which, like the seeds, generate a rich diversity within a unity of interconnected environments.


The architectural design is not a fixed given but evolves in processes of probing and flexibly responding to the surroundings. Becoming part of the continuos flux of nature’s patterns, architecture creates new relationships and experiences.


The architecture eventually built is the result of an evolution of dynamic processes where the perpetual novelty generated by a few dimples rules frees us from conventional constraints.


FB, 2007

Regreen, the book about the Regreen Project, was published by Azone+Associates, Tokyo.