Lecture at Städelschule

It took me quite some time to understand that we are only ever seeing one side of the moon. And even longer why.

In the context of our human history, we have known the other side as if we’d just opened our eyes for the first time. Being born after the first images of the “far side” had been taken, it made me wonder what it must have been for the people who realised that they would never be certain to know what the other side looked like. Or even if there was an other side. I couldn’t help thinking that when the first real images were sent to earth, the other side of the moon shrank.

All magical possibilities were reduced to facts. Had the absence (of certainty) been more?


Moving between rituals and language, art and geography, fashion and food, the lecture looks at absence as a defining concept for a culture of permanent transition and discusses some of FBA’s attempts at exploring what this could entail for architecture and urbanism.



The Other Side of the Moon






Lecture at Städelschule