Searching for Urbanism:Anti-Masterplanning the City

Berlin, Germany, 2001—

Not unlike the stories of its heroes, the city is but an ever-evolving context.

In contrast to all the masterplanning that has often led to more destruction of the city than decades of involuntary neglect, legwork urbanism unveils a completely different set of layers. Buildings are not still immobiles but permanently weave a continuous network of experiences that become the city.
In stark contrast to the masterplanner’s top-down implant, the legwork urbanists work from the bottom up to find and work with what is there.
The legwork urbanists are not interested in imposing a plan. The masterplanner’s antipodes, they are the myriad authors who are constantly rewriting the city.


Berlin, Germany, 2001—


Mixed-use, Public, Residential, Hotel, Library




Reinforced Concrete

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