Florian Busch Architects フロリアンブッシュ建築設計事務所

Tohoku to the Future
未来遺産 – Creating Heritage


In unprecedented fashion, the catastrophic events in March 2011 have stirred an immense surge of creative energies, both from outside and from within Tohoku.


Commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to design a space showcasing the hidden treasures of Tohoku, this exhibition sheds light on how these trends stem from and are linked to the vast cultural wealth of Tohoku, some of it already well discovered, much still hidden in yet unknown depths.


Rough and unfinished, a dissolved spatial order exposes the strength manifest in indeterminate fragility. As you move between the exhibits, the treasures of Tohoku are slowly discovered in constantly changing degrees of depth and transparency, establishing links not only between the exhibited works but with their surroundings.


The exhibition is a template, a place where traces of traditional craftsmanship, which share the power of foretelling the future, are the signs of Japanese heritage in the making.






Tokyo, Japan

Exhibition, 展示施設

Completed, 竣工

Project Team:

FBA: Florian Busch, Nao Yasui, Tomoyuki Sudo, Hisashi Kato (intern), Edith Prakoso
Client: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan
Curators: Katsunosuke Honda, Yoko Ikoma
Producer: Design Association NPO
Contractors: TSP
FBA: フロリアン ブッシュ、安井尚、須藤朋之、加藤ひさし(インターン)、エディス プラコソ
施主: 経済産業省 | 独立行政法人中小企業基盤整備機構
キュレーター: 本田勝之助、生駒芳子
プロデュース: Design Association NPO
施工: TSP

Area: 195 m²