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The architect who floated the Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium

東京2020オリンピック・スタジアムを浮かべた建築家, Japan Times, March 1, 2018 Read the full article here.

L House in M2Woman

M2WOMAN, March/April 2018, p153, ISSN: 771174 195038

Archipendium 2018

ARCHIPENDIUM 2018, 2017. Calendar. Published by: archimap publishers, Kaiser Peters Wormuth GbR, Berlin. Language: English.

Detail Praxis: Treppen

Treppen, 2017. Hardcover, 120 pages. Published by DETAIL, München, Germany. Language: German. ISBN: 978-3-95553-372-4.

Tokyo Olympic Odyssey

“In July of 2020, the New National Stadium, a ship, anchored under Odaiba’s Rainbow Bridge...”
“2020年7月に新国立浮競技場はレインボーブリッジの下に錨をおろした。 そして、東京はオリンピック精神を再発見した時代の最初のホストとなった。”

4 FBA projects in Advanced Architecture

Advanced Architecture, 2017. Hardcover, volumes 4-6. Published by DAMDI Publishing Co., Seoul, Korea. Languages: English, Korean. ISBN: 978-89-6801-056-9.


DETAIL, Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail, Serie 2016.11, pp1010 ff., ISSN: 0011-9571/B 2772.

K8 in db

K8 in Kyoto was featured in German magazine db.

FBA | selected works | vol. 2

Florian Busch Architects: Selected Works, Volume 2, 2016. Paperback: 22 pages, 121 x 121mm.

Mini Building

Mini Building 3: Neighborhood Facility, 2016. Hardcover: 278 pages. Published by A&C Publishing Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea. Languages: English, Korean. ISBN: 978-89-7212-181-7.

Jutaku: Japanese Houses

Jutaku: Japanese Houses, 2015. Hardcover: 411 pages. Published by: Phaidon, London, UK. Language: English. ISBN: 978-07148-6962-9.

Archipendium 2016

ARCHIPENDIUM 2016, 2015. Calendar. Published by: archimap publishers, Kaiser Peters Wormuth GbR, Berlin. Language: English.

Creative Diagrams in Architecture II

Creative Diagram in Architecture II, 2013. Hardcover: 304 pages. Published by: IFENG, Nanking, China. Languages: Chinese, English. ISBN: 978-7-5537-2069-2.

Archipendium 2015

ARCHIPENDIUM 2015, 2014. Calendar. Published by: archimap publishers, Kaiser Peters Wormuth GbR, Berlin. Language: English.

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

The March 29 issue of the WSJ features an article with excerpts from an interview with Florian Busch about open source architecture and FBA's project Our Private Sky. Wall Street Journal, 29 March 2014.

L House in “Chalets: Trendsetting Mountain Treasures”

Chalets: Trendsetting Mountain Treasures, 2014. Hardcover: 347 pages. Published by: Braun Publishing AG. Languages: English, German, French. ISBN: 978-3-03768-156-5.

Cathay Pacific inflight magazine “Discovery”

White Rush – Niseko, Japan
Hirafu's Escarpment Estate
L-House in Hirafu represents Niseko in Jan. 2014 issue of Cathay Pacific inflight magazine Discovery

AD Architectural Digest Germany

Florian Busch – Portrait, in: Best of Germany. Die neue Wanderlust – Stil ohne Grenzen, AD Architectural Digest Germany. Published by Condé Nast, Oct 2013. Languages: German.

Architecture Now!

Architecture Now! Houses 3, 2013. Hardcover: 416 pages. Published by: TASCHEN, Cologne. Languages: German, English, French. ISBN: 978-3-8365-3591-5.

The World’s Relative Navigators

Published in:

Bulletin – The Japan Institute of Architects, Vol. 244, 7/2013, p 13.

Archipendium 2013

ARCHIPENDIUM 2013, 2012. Calendar. Published by: archimap publishers, Kaiser Peters Wormuth GbR, Berlin. Language: English.

FBA | selected works

Florian Busch Architects: Selected Works, 2012. Paperback: 22 pages, 121 x 121mm.

L4 House Design

L4: House Design, 2012. Hardcover: 287 pages. Published by: A&C Publishing Co., Ltd., Seoul. Language: English. ISBN: 978-89-7212-130-5.

Arigato – Tokyo Designers Week 2011

Design Association NPO, Yumi Ueno (eds.), Arigato – Tokyo Designers Week, Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, 2012.

Shinkenchiku 2011:12

「人を繋ぐデザイン」 Shinkenchiku 2011:12, p. 023.

Japan Times 17 Nov 2011

Bending the Rules with Architecture, Japan Times, Nov. 17 2011 Read the full article here

Japan Times 4 Nov 2011

Innovation Abounds at Tokyo Designers Week, Japan Times, Nov. 4 2011 Read the full article here

展コミ Vol.15

「廃棄物生まれの空間」 Space from Industrial Waste Tencommi vol. 15, 2010

GA Japan 099

「変動する空間への対応」 Responding to an Everchanging Space, Interview. GA Japan 099, July 2009

(Im)material Processes: New Digital Techniques for Architecture

Neil Leach, Xu Wei-Guo (eds.), (Im)material Processes: New Digital Techniques for Architecture – Students, Beijing, China Architecture and Building Press, 2008


Regreen, the book about the Regreen Project, was published by Azone+Associates, Tokyo.

GA Japan 088

「コンペティション案に見る新しいフェーズ」 Competition for Les Halles Interview. GA Japan 88, Sep. 2007

Inax出版 10+1 no. 48

「アルゴリズム的思考と建築の新しいリアル: 伊東豊雄+フロリアン ブッシュインタビュー」 Algorithmic Thinking in Architecture: Interview with Toyo Ito & Florian Busch. Inax出版 10+1 no. 48, Sep. 2007. Read the full article here

Berlin – Tokyo / Tokyo – Berlin
Die Kunst zweier Städte

"Berlin - Tokyo / Tokyo - Berlin: Die Kunst zweier Städte", editors: Angela Schneider, Gabriele Knapstein, David Elliott, publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag, Berlin, 2006

Bauwelt 37.06

"Klangraum und Höhlensystem" Soundcave Bauwelt 37, Sep. 2006

Shinkenchiku 2006:08

ベルリンー東京/東京―ベルリン, Florian Busch, Shinkenchiku 2006:08

Bauwelt 37.05

"Deutsche Botschaft Tokio" German Embassy in Tokyo, Florian Busch. Bauwelt 37, Nov. 2005

A+U 417

「新しい楽器」A New Instrument, Florian Busch, Essay featured in a+u 417, June 2005

GA Japan 070

「新たなる自由の獲得に向けて」 Obtaining a New Freedom GA Japan 70, Sep. 2004